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Creamy, Chocolate Lover’s Fondue


By now, I hope you realize how deep my newfound passion for fondue goes.

I’m pretty much ready to put any melty food in a pot and dive right in. Cheese, chocolate, it really makes no difference to me. I’ve fallen for fondue and I’m not mad about it.

You might have seen my recent post about cheese fondue here, but if you haven’t now is a great time to check it out!

Here’s why fondue is fantastic:

  1. It’s melty deliciousness
  2. It’s totally customizable with the chocolates you use, the dippers you add
  3. easily serves a crowd, but also perfect for just two
  4. It’s a quick, but unforgettable dessert

There are definitely more reasons, but let’s go on to the recipe, shall we?

I used milk chocolate for this recipe because I really wanted a sweet, rich chocolate flavor. But if you’re worried about it being too sweet, you can sub in dark chocolate or a mixture of both! The chocolate flavor is very prominent so make sure it’s a chocolate flavor you really like! This would probably be a good time to purchase some good-quality chocolate.


2 cups of chocolate chips, semisweet, milk, or dark chocolate

1/3 cup of heavy cream

1/3 cup of milk

1 teaspoon of vanilla bean paste

1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon

Dippers of choice: pretzels, pound cake, waffles, fruit, chips, marshmallows

Add chocolate chips, milk, and heavy cream to a medium saucepan.

Turn high on to medium-low and let the chocolate chips slowly melt. Make sure that the mixture never boils.

Stirring constantly until the mixture is completely melted and mixed together. Take off from the heat and stir in vanilla bean paste and cinnamon.

Pour into a fondue pot and serve immediately with dippers of choice.

If I had to sum up what this dessert tastes like, I would probably say (pause for dramatic effect) pure, chocolate heaven.

It’s like the best parts of chocolate, creamy, warm, sweet, all in a delicious pot ready to be devoured. If it was socially acceptable, I would probably just pop a straw in the bowl and drink it up!

This dessert is best served with a glass of wine and preferably a warm fire in the background.

-Holly Michelle

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