Stovetop Brussel Sprouts

I know what you're thinking. Brussel sprouts are the worst! I believed that for a solid 24 years. Here's the thing: if you don't like Brussel sprouts there's a good chance it's because you're eating them wrong. Are you steaming Brussel sprouts in the microwave?!? Stop! Stop right now! Throw those away and start fresh… Continue reading Stovetop Brussel Sprouts


Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes

If you don't see mashed potatoes on a holiday table, is it really the holidays?! I've been a mashed potato lover my whole life; well, I've been a potato lover my whole life. I'm not really picky on the form they come in. However, there is something so rich and decadent about mashed potatoes. Maybe… Continue reading Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes


Eyeball and Sausage Rigatoni Pie

Trick or Treat! It's candy time!! The key to success on Halloween night is the delicious balance between sweet and savory! If you're going to go wild with candy, you first have to prepare with a hearty dinner beforehand! I definitely have a sweet tooth and even though I may only be handing out candy,… Continue reading Eyeball and Sausage Rigatoni Pie


No Churn Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Creamy. Chilly. Deliciously sweet. That's right, I'm talking about ice cream! I don't think there are too many desserts that are made for summer like ice cream! I personally love ice cream! I'll eat it at any point in the year, to be totally honest! I will eat any flavor, in any type of serving… Continue reading No Churn Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


Instant Pot Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese just warms me to my very soul. I'm not even picky when it comes to mac and cheese either. From a box, from the microwave, from the oven, one kind of cheese, 3 kinds of cheese... The list of mac and cheese options are literally endless and I love 'em all! I… Continue reading Instant Pot Mac and Cheese