Soft, Chewy Hot Chocolate Cookies

Okay, okay, I know Christmas cookie season is over, but my love for warm cookies is far from over. In fact, I don't think this love affair will ever be ending. There is really nothing better than a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter night... well unless there's a plate of hot… Continue reading Soft, Chewy Hot Chocolate Cookies


Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies

I am so excited to share these cookies with you because they feature one of my favorite ingredients of all time: white chocolate chips! My obsession with white chocolate chips knows no bounds; it's almost dangerous to keep them in the house because I can't control myself when they're around. These cookies are a combination… Continue reading Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies


Creamy, Vanilla Snowflake Cookies

To keep this Christmas Cookie Train on schedule, I have the perfect cookie recipe for you! This is my go-to classic cookie recipe which I love because it's so easy to whip together, cooks in no time at all, and still has a nice soft texture to it! I have used it for many recipes… Continue reading Creamy, Vanilla Snowflake Cookies


Soft, Chewy Gingerbread

Christmas time is truly the most magical time of the year! Lights seem more twinkly, houses get cozier, even cookies seem to come alive! Well maybe not all cookies come alive, but these gingerbread cookies sure do! Gingerbread cookies are a classic around Christmas time and I totally get why. They're fun to make, full… Continue reading Soft, Chewy Gingerbread


Creamy, Smooth Homemade Hot Chocolate

When it's cold outside, there's only one thing I crave: a warm, steaming cup of hot chocolate. With extra marshmallows, obviously. The packet of powdered hot chocolate is delicious in its own rights, don't get me wrong. But once you've tried this delectable concoction, you'll see that it's like night and day! This hot chocolate… Continue reading Creamy, Smooth Homemade Hot Chocolate