Creamy, Vanilla Snowflake Cookies

To keep this Christmas Cookie Train on schedule, I have the perfect cookie recipe for you! This is my go-to classic cookie recipe which I love because it's so easy to whip together, cooks in no time at all, and still has a nice soft texture to it! I have used it for many recipes… Continue reading Creamy, Vanilla Snowflake Cookies


Spooky White Chocolate Ghosts

It's time to get spooky! Halloween is just around the corner so that means it's time to get all the spooky desserts out and ready to go! These ghosts are a spin on my classic sugar cookie recipe by adding crushed-up sandwich cookies! Cookies and cream is one of my favorite combinations so it only… Continue reading Spooky White Chocolate Ghosts


Zingy Ice Cream Cone Cookies

You guys, I could not be more excited to share this recipe with you! This is a spin-off of an old family recipe that I've added a few different tweaks to! I know that a lot of decorated cookies feature royal icing, and if you have a royal icing recipe you love, definitely use that!… Continue reading Zingy Ice Cream Cone Cookies


The BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies

Seriously, though, who doesn't love a chocolate chip cookie?! There's actually a ton that goes into figuring out the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Is it a fully loaded chocolate chip cookie with extra things like nuts or dried fruit? Or is it going to be a chocoholics dream with different kinds of chocolate in it?… Continue reading The BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies


Ooey Gooey Almond Cookies

Can we just get a show of hands of everyone that eats raw cookie dough?! I mean, yeah sure, the health risk is there. But, there's a risk with everything we do, right?! Raw cookie dough just tastes better! I don't know what it is, maybe it's the fact that I'm "technically" not supposed to… Continue reading Ooey Gooey Almond Cookies


Orange Ricotta cookies

Ricotta cookie? What's a ricotta cookie? I had never heard of one until someone asked me to make them! Let me just say, ricotta cookies are must in my household now! They are fluffy, soft, light, wonderful cookies! Honestly, I can't think of enough delicious adjectives to describe them! I didn't really know what to… Continue reading Orange Ricotta cookies