Butter Pecan Streusel Pumpkin Bread

I can't think of a more iconic fall dish than pumpkin bread! The beautiful burnt orange color with a delicious soft inside... I mean, my mouth is watering just thinking about it! Honestly, I enjoy any type of bread, pumpkin or banana, but pumpkin is definitely my favorite. I don't know if it's because I… Continue reading Butter Pecan Streusel Pumpkin Bread


Roasted Spiced Chickpeas

Apparently, football season has started up! Go sports! There are about three things I know for sure about football season... Anything else, I don't know! Favorite team? Don't know. Why are they throwing flags? Don't know. What direction do they even need to run? Don't know. But, here's what I do know: One, touchdowns are… Continue reading Roasted Spiced Chickpeas


Cheesy, Meaty 3-Layered Lasagna

Cheese. Pasta. Sausage. That's right, I'm talking about lasagna! I know you might have been thinking I was describing heaven, but this is a close second. I'm a huge lover of pasta in general, whether that's pasta in a cheese sauce, pesto, cream sauce, red sauce, garlic sauce... I think you get the picture! I've… Continue reading Cheesy, Meaty 3-Layered Lasagna