No Yeast Bagels

I love Sunday mornings! They are the moment of ultimate calm and relaxation. As I’m writing this, I have a sweet lavender candle flickering away, with a hot cup of chai tea waiting beside me. I have an hour before I have to leave for church, which means an hour of me-time. Our weeks are all so busy with the million and one roles we each play in a week, whether that’s mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend, employee, the list is limitless. It’s nice to be able to come back to ourselves and mentally prepare for the next week.

I have to confess: for me, no moment would stay peaceful, if I didn’t have a yummy breakfast within reach. I’m not picky with breakfast; sweet or savory, I’m always down for breakfast food. I feel like any kind of food could be served at breakfast and it would probably be okay, as long as it’s topped with an egg. I mean, who doesn’t love that?!

One of my all-time favorite breakfasts has to be bagels. They’re such a sturdy breakfast bread that they can literally be used for anything! They’re delicious on their own but you could pair them with anything! There aren’t too many foods that are equally delicious paired with chives or with berries, but bagels make it work!

These bagels are probably going to blow your mind. They’re a three-ingredient bagel dough. No big deal, just three ingredients. You might remember this dough from the Garlic Knots I posted the other week. I know what you’re thinking, this is going to taste just like the garlic knots but in bagel form. I promise you, I have spent plenty of time testing ways to make sure these have that chewy, sweet bagel-ness you’re looking for. One way that I found gave these bagels extra chew to them was using bread flour instead of all-purpose flour. This is totally optional! I don’t always like going out to buy specialty types of flour, if you are the same way, then don’t stress! It will still be a bagel if you don’t use it, I just think it gives it a special kick!

I topped mine with everything bagel seasoning, because that’s my favorite topping, but you could choose to leave these plain, or top with whatever flavors you like best!


2 cups of bread flour

4 teaspoons of baking powder

2 cups of fat-free Greek yogurt, drained of all extra liquid

1 and a half teaspoons of salt

1 teaspoon of baking soda

2 tablespoons of brown sugar

1 egg

Two tablespoons of everything bagel seasoning; optional, but store-bought or homemade work!

First, bring a large saucepan filled halfway with water to boil on the stove.

Begin by combining the flour, baking powder, and salt in a bowl and whisk together. Then, add in the yogurt. Mix until it forms a shaggy dough, and then dump onto a lightly floured board. Knead the dough until it comes together, about 10-15 minutes! Cut the dough into 8 even slices and form into balls.

There are two ways to create the bagel shape you’re looking for. One way is to just push your thumbs into the middle and pull out slightly to create a round hole in the middle. The second way is to roll each ball out into about an 8-inch log and then bring the ends together to create a circle. Pinch together really well, to ensure they stick together while baking. My preferred method is to roll the dough into a log. This is totally to preference, but I feel that by rolling the dough out, you get a better hole in the middle. Plus, I kinda like playing with my food.

Now, this is the super important, bagel transformation portion of this recipe. We are going to boil this dough before we bake it. The water that we brought to a boil, add in the baking soda and brown sugar. Drop two bagels in at a time, cooking about 1 minute on each side, then place a paper towel-lined plate. Once they have all been boiled, place on a silicone lined baking sheet. Crack the egg into a bowl, and add in a splash of water. Brush over the bagels, and sprinkle flavoring of choice onto bagels.

Bake in a 375-degree oven for about 25-30 minutes, checking to make sure they are fully cooked and lightly browned. Then, set the broil to high, and leave in for about 2-3 minutes to get the tops nice and golden brown!

Roll dough out to about 1 1/2 inch in thickness.
Cut into 8 pie slices.
Roll into balls, this will make it easier to form the bagels.
Form into bagel shapes, be sure to make the hole slightly bigger, because the bagels will puff while boiling, and then in the oven!

I love looking a food pictures. Look at that bagel! I love the little air pockets that form in the dough that give it that airy texture with the amazing chew that comes from the outer crust. It’s so tasty!

Have a great Sunday!

-Holly Michelle

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