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Sweet and Salty Chocolate Bark

The other day, I was halfway through the work day when I got the message that my sister had invited our friend over for dinner! I was so excited and immediately thinking of all the delicious cookies, cakes or sweets I could make for dessert! Unfortunately, I knew that I was in for a long day of work, so whatever dessert I made would have to be super quick to make before our guests came over!

That’s when this super easy sweet and salty chocolate bark comes into play. Sweet and salty is a classic combination; I love getting the perfect bite of a little bit salty and a little bit sweet. I feel like our bodies just need that balance! I know that after I have a really sweet cupcake, I always feel myself craving something really salty afterwards. Putting the two into one dessert just makes life simple, plus super delicious!

This bark is super customizable, it could literally be made with whatever ingredients you have in your pantry. These ingredients are something I always have on hand, but if you wanted to use chopped peanuts instead, you could! At the end of the day, it’s about having something that you enjoy, otherwise, it’s not worth it!

If you are someone that maybe doesn’t love baking, this is definitely the recipe for you! The hardest part of this recipe is melting the chocolate, which you can do in the microwave! Easy-peezy!


3/4 bag of semi-sweet chocolate chunks

1 jar of peanut butter

1 1/2 cups of crushed pretzel pieces

Flaky salt, for garnish

Start by melting the chocolate in the microwave in thirty-second intervals, until fully melted. Pour chocolate onto a silicon mat, and smooth out. As you’re spreading out the chocolate, you want to keep in mind how thick you want your bark to be. The larger the rectangle you make, the thinner your bark will be. I suggest making a fairly large rectangle, because you really want the chocolate to have a nice snap to it. Maybe about 1/4 inch in thickness. Then, take a large spoon and dollop some spoonfuls onto the melted chocolate. Drag a knife through the peanut butter, lightly creating swirls of peanut butter through the chocolate. You want to make sure you pulling the peanut butter with the knife, not pushing down. After the peanut butter has reached the perfect amount of swirliness, sprinkle the chopped pretzel on the chocolate. Gently press the pretzels down into the chocolate to make sure they get fully adhered to the chocolate. Sprinkle flaky salt over the top and allow to sit at room temperature to harden. Once harden, break into chocolate shards and place in a bowl!

I suggest not putting the chocolate in the fridge to harden, because I think it makes the chocolate too hard. If you are running short on time, you can place it in the fridge. Just make sure that you set it out to come to room temperature before it’s time to eat! No one wants to break a tooth biting into rock chocolate!

Why is chocolate so pretty!?
I just kind of plop the peanut butter right in the chocolate! I suggest using creamy peanut butter because the chunky peanut butter might not spread as easily.
Look at all those beautiful swirls. The important part is knowing when to stop! You want to see those swirls in the chocolate.
Add the pretzels and the salt!

This is the perfect combination of sweet and salty! Not only is it beautiful to look at it, but it tastes so amazing!

This is also a super fun recipe to get the kids involved with! They can spread out the chocolate or help with toppings! It’s a great way to get the kids in the kitchen!

-Holly Michelle

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