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Zesty Crockpot Carnitas

Taco Tuesdays are the best right?!

But my favorite has to be Taco Wednesday, or maybe it’s Taco Friday, or, wait, maybe it’s Taco Sunday!

I think you get the point here, any day with tacos is sure to be my favorite!

Especially when it’s this Crockpot Carnitas! Who doesn’t love a crockpot meal, am I right?!

Toss a couple of ingredients into a pot, cover it up, and leave it for a few hours?! It’s really my ideal form of cooking.

One reason I love this dish so much? It’s great to feed a crowd! You can have a mini taco bar, set up a ton of different toppings, and let your guests go wild! It’s a perfect way to ensure that everyone gets a little something to eat without having to stress yourself out with making 100 dishes that night.


4-pound pork shoulder

1 yellow onion

Juice of half an orange

Juice of two limes

1 cup of chicken broth

1 teaspoon of cumin

2 teaspoons of oregano

2 teaspoons of chili powder

2 teaspoons of salt

1 teaspoon of black pepper

Toppings (optional):

Taco shells

Red onion


Sour cream

Cut the pork into large chunks, about 4. Slice the onion into thin strips.

Add pork, onions, chicken broth, cumin, oregano, chili powder, and bay leaf to the crockpot.

Take the orange and use a vegetable peeler to get a long strip of the peel avoiding any of the pith. Repeat on the lime. Place the citrus strips into the crockpot as well as the juice from half the orange and two limes.

Cover with the lid and cook on low for 8 hours or high for 6.

When the pork is done, carefully remove the bay leaf and the strips of citrus. Shred the pork with two forks and place the shredded pork on a sheet pan. Pour about a cup of the juice on the pork and then place in the oven under the broiler to crisp up the edges.

You can also place the pork in a skillet with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and cook on high. Stirring occasionally to ensure the pork gets browned and crispy.

Now you get to assemble your taco! I love just a simple taco shell with plenty of shredded pork, a few slices of red onion, and a large squeeze of lime! But you can add whatever toppings you like!

The perfect dinner for any busy weeknight or even better during a busy weekend when guests are coming over! I love the versatility of tacos, not to mention a total crowd pleaser! Who said tacos were just for Tuesday nights!?!?

-Holly Michelle

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