Monster Mash Cookies

The day after Halloween, baskets are still full of candy. What to do with the leftover candy? I know, I know, leftover candy seems like an oxymoron. But, it happens! You get tired of grabbing the same old piece of chocolate caramel candy. Do you throw it all away? No way! I grabbed a large… Continue reading Monster Mash Cookies


Cheesy, Meaty 3-Layered Lasagna

Cheese. Pasta. Sausage. That's right, I'm talking about lasagna! I know you might have been thinking I was describing heaven, but this is a close second. I'm a huge lover of pasta in general, whether that's pasta in a cheese sauce, pesto, cream sauce, red sauce, garlic sauce... I think you get the picture! I've… Continue reading Cheesy, Meaty 3-Layered Lasagna


Raspberry Cream Cheese Braid

I think one of my new found hobbies of this quarantine has been recreating my favorite snacks that I find at the coffee shops! There's something really satisfying about making something at home that you definitely made $10 for at the coffee shop. So far, I've made a Cheese Danish, Madeleines, and Vanilla Bean Scones.… Continue reading Raspberry Cream Cheese Braid