Homemade Gnocchi

If you're worried about making homemade pasta at home but have a craving for delicious, homemade dough, I have got you covered!! If I had to describe gnocchi, I would say it's like an Italian dumpling! Soft, pillowy, a little chewy, and absolute perfection. I've heard some people call it pasta, others say it's not,… Continue reading Homemade Gnocchi


S’mores Cupcakes

S'mores is just about my favorite thing about summer! But, it's still a little too chilly for me to really embrace the summer mindset and make some s'mores outside. Therefore, I have combined my two favorite desserts with all the delicious s'mores flavors but one that I can enjoy comfortably on my sofa! Not only… Continue reading S’mores Cupcakes


Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Ah, Carrot Cake, the unofficial official cake of the spring. We've come a long way in our friendship, to say the least. Carrot cake used to be on the bottom of my cake list. But now that I've created this delicious little cake, it might be one of my new favorites! Traditional carrot cake has… Continue reading Carrot Cake Cupcakes


Minty Green Milkshake

I love a good milkshake! It's like everything you love about ice cream, but even more portable by being in a cup! If I had realized how easy making a milkshake was, I probably wouldn't have had to frequent my ice cream parlor as often. But now that I know I can have a delicious… Continue reading Minty Green Milkshake


Chewy Caramel Pecan Cookies

That's a pretty picture, isn't it? I'm not afraid to admit that this was batch number two of cookie dough and about 3 hours later with approximately 18 cookies burnt, squished, flattened, and broken all sitting in the trash can. You might as well count this post as my Kitchen Confessional because I'm about to… Continue reading Chewy Caramel Pecan Cookies


Chocolate Truffles

It's Valentine's Day weekend! I am so excited! I love Valentine's Day! It's such a great excuse to tell those around you how much they mean to you! I'm having a little "Gal"entine's party this weekend with my cousin's and sister and I could not be more excited to celebrate with them. I'll be making… Continue reading Chocolate Truffles


Almond Butter Cookies

My sister is known for many things: kind, gentle, sweet, and most importantly, her peanut butter cookies. If you think you've had a good peanut butter cookie, you have no idea. My sister makes the best peanut butter cookie. I don't know entirely what she does, maybe it's the crunchy peanut butter, maybe it's her… Continue reading Almond Butter Cookies


White Chocolate Popcorn Crack

'Tis the season for Christmas movies!! Romantic, heart-warming, cozy, cheesy, I love them all! There are a few that I watch on repeat throughout the season, but I love to try and branch out to new ones! It's funny because I'm not really a big rom-com fan. I watch them occasionally throughout the year but… Continue reading White Chocolate Popcorn Crack