Homemade Gnocchi

If you're worried about making homemade pasta at home but have a craving for delicious, homemade dough, I have got you covered!! If I had to describe gnocchi, I would say it's like an Italian dumpling! Soft, pillowy, a little chewy, and absolute perfection. I've heard some people call it pasta, others say it's not,… Continue reading Homemade Gnocchi


Orange Ricotta cookies

Ricotta cookie? What's a ricotta cookie? I had never heard of one until someone asked me to make them! Let me just say, ricotta cookies are must in my household now! They are fluffy, soft, light, wonderful cookies! Honestly, I can't think of enough delicious adjectives to describe them! I didn't really know what to… Continue reading Orange Ricotta cookies


Cheesy, Meaty 3-Layered Lasagna

Cheese. Pasta. Sausage. That's right, I'm talking about lasagna! I know you might have been thinking I was describing heaven, but this is a close second. I'm a huge lover of pasta in general, whether that's pasta in a cheese sauce, pesto, cream sauce, red sauce, garlic sauce... I think you get the picture! I've… Continue reading Cheesy, Meaty 3-Layered Lasagna